Jeremiah Mata

~Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching

About Me


My name is Jeremiah Mata. Starting highschool I enveloped myself with tech, since then I have finished my first year at Kansas State Universtiy studying Electrical Engineering. While I was there I became the founder and president of the KSU Combat Robotics Team. I obtained my first internship before starting college with Kiewit Engineering & Construction, which played a big factor into my decision to pursue Centriq after college. My end goal for college was to end up becoming a programmer, but after my first year of college I realized that the knowledge and information I was learning was not being applied fully to the field. Through my internship I also had come to find out that employeers were looking for impressionable, experienced, and dedicated employees. After some education research I found Centriq, where I have been able to gain a tremendous amount of experience and currently applicable knowledge in the field of Programming.

Technical Skills

Future Aspirations

I aspire to start my life with a career in programming that I love and am passionate about, pursue a few life goals, become a senior programmer, focus on some family goals/hobby goals, and eventuallBy become a contractor.


There are two Résumés on the preview page, the previewed one is simply a css/html version of my Résumé while the pdf is a word document.

You can download a pdf file of my Résumé on the preview page.

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